The Plot No. 3: Stolen Minds!

Previously, three friends -Eena, Atchi, and Fib- have accidentally led a giant bug into their secluded village, and it has made itself at home. The village's Great Councilor has charged Atchi's father, Tosu, to watch the bug, and Panna -the village's head scientist to study it. Atchi decides to sneak back into the Forbidden Forest to find clues as to where the bug came from. Learning of Atchi's excursion (Fib & Eena tattled), a search party follows. Then, in the cover of night, a masked figure emerges from the bug, and attacks Tosu!

Pages 1 - 5 by Kenan Rubenstein

Table of Contents

  1. Long Ago

    The history of the village.

  2. Startling Discoveries

    Dangerous questions.

  3. An Empty Nose-Stripe

    What happened to Tosu?

  4. In The Morning

    Fib faces his family.

  5. Garden Duty

    Seeds are planted.

  6. Soup for Father

    Atchi is confronted about his actions.

  7. Followed Into The Forest

    Eena sneaks off, but she is not alone!

  8. Unfamiliar Places

    Eena and Fib honor their best friend.

  9. Nardo’s Attack

    The Great Councilor recounts what happened the last time someone entered the forest.

The Plot No. 3: Stolen Minds!

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