No. 6: Home

Previously, Atchi has been kidnapped by the traitor, Nardo!

His friends, Eena and Fib—with the help of the antagonistic sisters, Shaus, Sceban, and Ronq—have entered the Forbidden Forest to rescue him. Also on their trail are search parties of adults, including Atchi’s father, Tosu, and the village’s lead scientist Panna.

While in the forest, Eena gets separated from her friends and runs into members of another village, who she has been taught her entire life to fear. Before she can escape these strangers, they run into masked figures who appear to be compatriots of Nardo!

Meanwhile, Fib, Ronq, Shaus and Sceban are now looking for Atchi and Eena! Instead, they find carnivorous creatures who chase them to a rocky terrain, and though the lose the creatures, they also find themselves lost! Just as things seem hopeless, Fib spots Atchi and Nardo in the valley below.

The two are en route to a secret hideout known as The Burrow, but first they have to rendezvous with Nardo’s collaborator from the village…

Page 59 by Cara Bean